20 21 English reading competition

When you make reading into a competition, kids who otherwise wouldn’t want to read will be excited to read as much as they can.

After practising reading various texts with their English teachers in the online classroom, the 7th grade stu­dents chose the best readers in their groups. Therefore six  students (and their substitutes) took part in the first Online Reading Competition in English at the AKG.

The Online Competition via Microsoft Teams took place on 17th May, 2021 at the AKG. Besides the teachers Mrs Kister, Mrs Reuther and Mrs Renaltner – acting as the panel of judges – some students, who had qualified as substitutes, were listening to the different entrants’  presentations.

The procedure of the reading competition required the students to introduce themselves first and then read a well-known text from their text books. In the final round they had to read a paragraph of an ‘unknown’ text to the attentive audience. Even if it was not an easy decision for the jury, as all readers did very well, and  a winner could be found. All participants will get a reading award certificate and a voucher for books.

Congratulations to all participants who were brave enough to take part and to read a text to an expert audience.




Anne Spötzl 7f


Hannah Geschwendner 7d


Tina Zequai 7e


Otto Meyer 7c


Lisa Roeder 7b


Carolin Netzlow 7a

Maybe this reading challenge at the AKG can renew students’ interest in reading all over again and  we will find a new group of reading fans in our midst.

G. Renaltner (Fachschaft Englisch)